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There are thousands of Photoshop video tutorials available on the Internet, but none of them really cover the stuff that you as an Internet marketer need to know if you want to create your own minisites, ecovers and other web graphics.

Above all, there's nothing available that turns the whole process into a step-by-step, back to basics, easy to follow system.

All that is about to change. Welcome to Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets.

It All Started In Confusion and Frustration

A short bit of background about me...I've been a professional graphics and minisite designer for close to 7 years now. You can view some of the work I've done in my design service by going to

Amazingly, I put off learning how to use Photoshop for most of that time and used other graphics software instead. Photoshop just seemed like such a complicated piece of software to use, with so many options and panels and effects.

Finally one day I sat down with the software and started breaking it down into plain basics.

Photoshop Stripped To The Core

By stripping away all the confusing and unnecessary components, stuff you simply don't need for web graphics, Photoshop suddenly started to make sense.

Once I perfected a simple way to create minisite and ecover graphics, I turned it into a complete powerhouse of a toolkit that enables you to create your own ecovers, minisites, header graphics, logos...whatever you want!

Best of all, you'll be able to not only master Photoshop fast, but use these shortcut tools to get your design work done faster than you ever thought possible.

Current members have already discovered just how fast and easy these tutorials make the whole process of getting to grips with Photoshop:


"Awesome Learning Tool"


I just wanted to thank you for putting together such an awesome learning tool. I always had an interest in learning the Adobe programs but got swamped with all the functions and gave up.

I've tried other tutorials that were horribly confusing and left me frustrated. With your program I was floored, I learned so quick and am getting pretty good at the program now.

Even so I'm thinking of starting a little side biz doing graphics. I attached some projects I did the day after finishing your course...let me know what you think.

Click here to see Michael's graphics

Thanks again, I would recommend your course to anyone looking to learn Photoshop.

Michael Watt


Hardcore Photoshop Experts Will Most Likely
Cringe When They See These Training Videos

That's because I don't dwell on all the fancy terminology and all the complicated features of the program, which is exactly the reason so many people give up on learning how to use Photoshop.

Hey, I still don't know how to use, for example, the Channels feature in Photoshop and you know what? I don't care! It hasn't impacted my ability to create fantastic graphics with the software one little bit, and it won't stop you either.

It can be that easy to accomplish your graphic design tasks with the unique one-click Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets approach. All you need to do is take out 7 days to seriously study the videos and practice with the tools.

What I do want you to understand is just how easy it is to put the components together to create a complete graphic once you've worked out your concept and found your perfect stock image(s).

It doesn't get much simpler than that. There is nothing stopping you from creating cool minisite graphics with ease once you've studied the Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets training and made yourself familiar with the tools.

Save Money, Make Money, Create a Lucrative Online Business...
The Power Is About To Be Yours

Just think about of the surest ways to create an income for yourself on the Internet or off it is to acquire a skill that is in high demand.

Graphics design is such a skill. There is such a demand for skilled designers online, it's not even funny. Visit the websites of the top designers, and you'll see they're almost constantly booked and closed for ordering.

Very often I fill my entire design schedule for the month simply with orders from returning customers. And I'm one of the lesser known designers online! Whenever I need a quick $300 to $500 cash boost, all I do is send a special design offer to my small list of customers and take on two or three new projects.

Simply put: if you can design good minisite graphics at a competitive price and Internet marketers find out about you, you're in the money. That's not hype, just plain and simple fact.

The Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets system will put those skills in your hands. Just to get your mind ticking over, here are some of the opportunities your new found graphics skills will present you with:

yes Save money by creating your own graphics
yes Customize dirt cheap professional Photoshop templates available online yourself - without having to pay designers big money to do it for you
yes Start your own graphics design service and have a business that virtually guarantees you cash on demand
yes Create and sell minisite templates - there is always a demand for this online
yes Create and sell web graphics packs - another popular product that always pulls sales
yes Create your own video tutorials once you're good enough and sell those
yes Create your own graphics tools for Photoshop and sell that

Acquire an in-demand skill. Cash in. Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets is your vehicle. I don't promise or guarantee that you will make money, but it's being done every single day.

Enough talk. After the comments from some happy members below, I'll guide you through the entire system.


"A no bull**** approach to learning web graphics "


I was already doing some graphics at home, but was looking for some more experience. While searching the web I came across Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets.

After buying other ebook actions and videos before I was a bit worried this pack would be much the same, but after reading the sales letter I took the leap and bought the package...well, "best buy on the net yet", this is a no bull**** approach to learning web graphics and I am learning so much.

Pat on the back for you Nic and thanks for making this package available.

Steven Hodgson, UK

"I would not have believed that it is easy to use Photoshop if not for your system"


I want to thank you for the Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets package. I have downloaded the complete package and have gone through some of the videos.

You have done a really nice job by providing an indepth knowledge on what one needs to know to make good designs with Photoshop.

The price is worth it and I would not have believed that it is easy to use Photoshop if not for your system. Thanks.

Ogaga Efevberha

Hi Nic,

I just want to tell you how much I love Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets, especially all the pre-sets and tutorials. This has really unlocked CS2 for me!

Matthew R. Wood


Here's a Full Breakdown Of This Powerful System:


These videos are aimed at the first time Photoshop user. All videos in Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets were recorded at a nice large 1000x748 pixels so you can clearly see what's going on.

9 Videos take you from Photoshop novice to creating a complete header graphic, while learning all the basics you'll need to accomplish your design goals on the way.

A further 4 videos puts you through a practical design exercise and shows you how to perform some more useful tasks.

tickVideo 1:
How to declutter the Photoshop interface so you can easily access only the tools you need

tickVideo 2:
How to create a new canvas and apply colors and gradients

tickVideo 3:
How to insert and edit text

tickVideo 4:
How to edit the apperance of layers with layer styles

tickVideo 5:
How to draw and work with shapes

tickVideo 6:
Various layer functions

tickVideo 7:
How to insert and work with images

tickVideo 8:
How to cleanly mask an image by removing annoying outlines

tickVideo 9:
How to use a layer mask

tickVideo 10:
An exercise to test you on what you've learned: Create this header graphic from scratch. This exercise is specifically formulated to get you using all the basic techniques you've learned.

tickVideo 11:
How to save your work for use on the web

tickVideo 12 & 13:
How to install third party Photoshop actions, brushes, layer styles and patterns.

tickExtra Bonus :
47 Page step-by-step printable PDF tutorial to use in conjunction with the videos




To make your design work in Photoshop as easy as possible, I've created a bunch of custom effects and tools you can apply to your projects with just a click of the mouse.

There are 4 different types of one-click effects.

1. Layer Styles

Turn any text or shape into a masterpiece with a single click! There's a total of 25 different effects (with an additional 25 slight variations) in 5+ colors each. That's around 250 layer styles at your fingertips.

Apply simple drop shadows or bevels...with one click
Turn plain text into stunning full color text...with one click
Turn simple shapes into glassy or beveled buttons...with one click

2. Shapes & Textures

Using Photoshop's brush pallette, these custom made shapes and textures will blow life into a dull graphic with just a few clicks of the mouse.

No more time wasted trying to draw simple curves - create a curve with one click (variety of complex and simple curves available)

No time wasting on creating subtle background textures - apply them with one click, blend them with another

3. Easy Striped Backgrounds

Adding striped or dotted background patterns to your projects is no problem either. You get diagonal and horizontal striped patterns, along with dotted patterns. These are fully adjustable with regards to width, size and opacity.

4. Cool Gradient Presets

Rather than leaving you stuck with Photoshop's three and a half built in gradients, I've created 184 custom gradients for you. Here's just a small preview sample straight from the Photoshop gradient editor.

With this arsenal of tools you have everything you need to create great looking graphic effects with minimum hassle and time. These packages are exclusive to Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets. And to make absolutely sure you can use these for maximum effect, I also include...

Step-By-Step Videos

A set of three videos show you exactly how to apply these styles. In the process you get to create another cool header graphic as an added bonus!




When it comes to creating minisites, you can do it the easy way or the hard way. In Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets, we will opt for the easy way! 2 Easy ways, in fact.

Easy Way 1: Minisite Action Scripts

Creating a minisite template with Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets is as easy as one click. From here you just need to do some simple editing and customization.

If you watched the video at the top of the page, you'll already know that the minisite action scripts create 3 different types of minisites in 3 different widths.

You get:

  • Round minisite - the most popular type of minisite
  • Square minisite - square corners for a more traditional look
  • Utility minisite - you can customize this in various ways.

To help you make the most of these actions, I've recorded no less than 10 videos that step you through the whole process of not only designing a minisite in Photoshop, but also on actually putting it together in a web editor, ready for use on the internet.

The screenshots below show the actual minisite you'll be creating with me in these videos.

yes Video 1:
Minisite basics - how to use the minisite action scripts to create a minisite template with one click and adjust the color scheme.
yes Video 2:
How to add and format text on your minisite using the one-click layer styles
yes Video 3:
How to add images and layer in a background image
yes Video 4:
How to use the one-click brushes to create cool effects with the click of a mouse
yes Video 5:
How to slice your minisite for use in a web editor
yes Video 6:
How to create your minisite in HTML using Dreamweaver
yes Video 7:
How to create your minisite in HTML using the free web editor Kompozer
yes Video 8:
How to create your own minisite template from scratch if you don't want to use the actions

Video 9:
How to easily turn a minisite template into a classy curved design

yes Video 10:
How to use the utility minisite template

Easy Way 2: The Super Template

I already walked you through the Super Template in the video at the start of the page. This truly is a braindead way of creating a stunning mini site. You hardly have to do any thinking.

With the Super Template you can:

Create a rounded or square mini site, or mix it up - all with a few mouse clicks

Choose from 9 professional text layouts built into the template - it's as easy as hiding one layer while making another visible!

Choose to show or hide banners or horizontal bars above and below the header and footer areas

Choose from 5 different subtle content area borders

Easily change the color scheme by simply changing the gradient overlay of the header and footer areas, and just filling the background with a different color

The Super Template truly is the easiest way to create a professional minisite in Photoshop. Just add your own stock image, modify the text, pick a color and you're good to go.

Best of all, it looks fantastic just as it is too if you're really lazy!




No Photoshop package designed for Internet marketers would be complete without ecover actions. eCover actions allow you to turn a flat 2D design into a great looking 3D graphic with just one click of the mouse.

Your first click creates the flat space where you will then create your design. All you need to do to turn this design into a complete 3D ecover is run the second part of the action by simply clicking on the play button. Photoshop will do the rest while you watch!

You Get 16 Cover Actions

All the popular cover types are covered in this package - from books to DVD cases to discs to boxes.

You Get 20 Pre-Designed, Ready To Edit Templates

Not in the mood to work from a blank page? These 20 sizzling designs will give you an easy start on the way to creating a stunning cover.

  • 20 pre-designed ecover templates for use with the action scripts
  • the full PSD source files for each design to edit as you please
  • each design is already formatted for use with all action scripts
  • just change the text and main image (if you want) and you have an instant pro ecover
  • new pre-designed templates are added to the membership over time!
  • easily customize any template for any niche by simply replacing the main image & text
  • cover types include Mac Office Box, 3 Sided Box, Various Upright Books, Flat Books, Vista Box, DVD Cases, Disc, Softcover and Spiral Bound Cover

You Get Complete eCover Design Video Training

A complete set of videos will not only show you how to customize the pre-designed templates, but also exactly how to use the action scripts and how to create ecover designs from scratch.

Videos 1 - 4

How to create an ecover design from scratch

Video 5

How to save your cover for use on the web

Video 6

How to duplicate a design across various cover types without redoing it every time

Video 7

How to create combo or package graphics by combining different cover types into one image

Videos 8 - 11

How to use the pre-designed templates to create your own unique ecovers fast - one basics video and 3 practical exercise videos!


Take Your Minisite Skills To The Next Level

Don't you just hate it when all people promise to show you really cool secrets...and then they don't?

There will be no such disappointment here. The Minisite Masterclass is a series of 5 video sets that show you how to create truly stunning minisite designs.

Create 5 Advanced Minisite Designs With Me...
Step By Step

These videos are specifically designed to not only improve your Photoshop design skills, but also to stimulate your imagination and exercise it in formulating killer graphic designs. We'll be covering a wide variety of designs - from dark and mysterious to bright and colorful.

There are no copyright from my side on the designs you'll be creating in these videos, and you have absolute freedom to use them for your own purposes.

Masterclass Video 1:
How To Create This Dark, Mysterious Minisite Design
Ready for download inside the member's area!

Masterclass Video 2:
Use A Delicious Blend Of Photoshop Techniques As You Create This Awesome Minisite Template With Me
Ready for download inside the member's area!

Masterclass Video 3:
Discover how to use texture overlays and color blends while creating this awesome design.
Ready for download inside the member's area!

Masterclass Video 4:
How to create this classic internet marketing layout.
Ready for download inside the member's area!

Masterclass Video 5:
Using all the modern popular design elements like wrapping banners and subtle stripe effects on the header, this video shows you how to turn a blank canvas into this beautiful minisite design.
Ready for download inside the member's area!




Premium Quality Collection of
Download Buttons, Order Buttons and Seals

In this package you get:

Two premium Download Now button designs in 5 colors each

Two premium Order button designs in 5 colors each

Three premium Guarantee Seal designs in 5 colors each


The Quick Skills

These are 7 additional videos to supplement all the fantastic training you already have in this package. All images below show the actual graphics you'll be creating in the videos.


How to create eye-catching logos like this without any drawing skills:


How to create beautiful guarantee seals like this one:


How to quickly create funky graphical bullet points for your sales pages.


How to warp text for high impact layouts.


How to create transparency fades for use in reflections.


How to create cool order buttons.


How to enhance dull images to increase the impact of your graphics.


Turn Photoshop Into Your
Personal Minisite Graphics Weapon -
Order Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets Today

The price for the entire Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets system is only $97 $27.

Yes, that's $97 $27 one time. No recurring fees, yet you get brand new content all the time.

I'm inclined to believe some of my members who feel that I'm a bit silly to offer not only this product, but also the regular ongoing additions at a ridiculous one time price.

The Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets
Iron-Clad Double Guarantee:

100% money back guarantee


Try Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets Risk-Free For 60 Days - that's two whole months. Give the product an honest go and if you're not happy with your purchase, simply ask for your money back.


If, after studying the videos and practicing with the tools, you are unable to create your own professional looking minisites and ecovers, I will not only refund your money, but also give you a $197 custom minisite design absolutely free.

This means I personally design a minisite & ecover package to your specifications. To qualify for this, you must

  • use the product for at least 7 days
  • ask for help when you get stuck
  • show me your honest efforts

If you honestly can't make a go of it, you'll not only get your money back, but I'll also create a complete design worth $197 just for you.

I'm so confident about this because I KNOW the only way you can fail with this package and my personal support is by actively trying to fail.


"Professional Graphic Designer Is Impressed!"

Hey Nic,

I just wanted to write and let you know how impressed I am with your "Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets" Product.

The quality of the video tutorials is extremely high and anyone who purchases this package will definitely see the hard work you've poured into them.

In my opinion the videos alone would be worth the price of the package but you don't stop there...aside from the actual PhotoShop software, you include literally everything a person would need to create their own high quality mini site graphics or start their own mini site graphic design business.

Why you're charging so little for this package is beyond me, it's worth at least 10 times what you're asking! Have you lost your mind man? Seriously, have a doctor check you!

Being a professional graphic designer already, the main reason I purchased this package was to learn your methods for using brushes and patterns. The fact that you include these brushes and patterns in this deal has been a real time saver for me.

I honestly believe this product would chop the learning curve down severely for anyone who was interested in learning our craft. Well done!

Best Regards,

Ron Howell


Important - Before You Order

yes If you have never worked with Photoshop, you will have to commit a few hours a day for 3 - 7 days to studying the training videos and practicing the techniques you learn in order to obtain the desired results. Photoshop is a powerful piece of software and can't be conquered in an hour or two, no matter what you do or what training you use.
yes You must be fully computer literate and know how to unzip files, how to organize files into folders and how to browse for files using My Computer or Windows Explorer.
yes You must own a working copy of Photoshop in order to use the product materials.
yes The product has been designed for Photoshop CS and later. Most of the components are apparently compatible with Photoshop 7.
yes Videos are in standard WMV (Windows Media Video) & MP4 format and are downloadable to your hard drive.
yes Product is compatible with any PC or Mac capable of running Photoshop.
yes A fast broadband connection is highly recommended as the video packages are quite large.

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"Far Exceeded My Expectations"

Dear Nic,

I'm amazed by the value of your Photoshop Program. You have far exceeded my expectations by providing easy to follow, clear, step-by-step instructions from the basics through to more advanced techniques.

Before starting your Photoshop training I knew almost nothing and felt uneasy about using Photoshop, but now I have the confidence to create anything. I'm really enjoying learning from such a wonderful trainer. Thanks so much for your help.

Barbie Young

"Your videos are EXCEPTIONAL"

Hey Nic,

After downloading your membership package "Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets", I sat and watched the first! I was blown away with your step by step approach and complete walk through of the whole process. I was only at video number one at the time, yet I already knew that I now had the Golden Key at my fingertips!

Hours passed like minutes, I watched and copied everything that you did with excitement and I completed the exercise that you set for us.

Photoshop is a monster program and many get lost in the extensive learning curve, but your videos are EXCEPTIONAL...

I lost a full night's sleep as I couldn't pull myself away from my computer, due to the fact that I knew that if I had gone to bed I wouldn't have slept anyway as my brain had gone into overdrive.

Finally at 6am I came to the end of your tutorials, I have learned so much, much more than I could have ever imagined. Your extras alone are worth way more than what you charge for the package.

I have purchased so many so called "Simple Photoshop Tutorials" so I consider myself an expert in what I have to say......

You are absolutely amazing and your tutorials are fantastic!!

I know that anyone considering purchasing "Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets" will be ECSTATIC.

Thank you so much!

You are a Brilliant Teacher!

Tara Dipalma


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I look forward to welcoming you as the latest member of the Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets community!

Warm regards,

Nicolaas Theron
Lead Designer:
Creator: Photoshop Minisite Graphics Secrets